A brand’s retail presence represents a major strategic gamble both commercially and in terms of image. Due to an increase in competition and multiplication of sales platforms, the physical store is more than ever a decisive touch point in the brand/consumer relationship.

As organizers of Retail Experience Tours we follow the innovations and strategies put in place by brands to involve and engage consumers in new and durable relationships, offering increasingly captivating user experiences.

It has been proven that by increasing dwell time in the retail space by 1% translates into an increase of 1,3% in turnover.

For companies looking to build strong retail strategies our insider knowledge helps us identify the right players. Our international team (with a base in England) means we adopt a multi-cultural approach for all “talents hunts”.

We utilise our know-how in the research for the best talent in top management, sales, merchandising, marketing and communications to ensure your physical retail presence supports your brand culture and your consumers aspirations.

Join us for a Retail Experience Tour, come and discover, live and experiment for yourself the latest innovations in retail.