Clients Lab

Our philosophy

With over 20 years experience in the design, luxury, fashion and communication fields, Antoinette Lemens and team of recruitment consultants, work in close collaboration with companies and candidates. Building an indispensable link between clients and a network of highly qualified professionals.

Each recruitment consultant has a specialised field of expertise. This valuable understanding of each professional sector gives them an insight into the strategic environment of a company as well as a better understanding of the job market and its evolution.

We also conduct international recruitment searches, resulting in a wider choice of qualified candidates.

Our methodology

Our principal objective is to make sure that we fully understand the structure and organisation of a company and can therefore clearly ascertain our client’s recruitment needs.

The success of our recruitment is based on:

  • 20 years experience and knowledge of the professional sector
  • A network of top management profiles and qualified candidates who we have worked with and advised over a period of many years
  • A headhunting and candidate research division
  • An extensive, personalised and regularly updated national and international candidate database

Our role is also to ensure regular client follow-up, to collaborate fully with our clients and participate in the decision-making process. We can also, when required, give strategic advice and help our clients to term the job description and define the job requirements more accurately.

This close working and long-lasting relationship we have with our clients and our candidates is what differentiates us from other recruitment consultancies and continues to strengthen our professional reputation on both a national and international scale.

The recruitment process – step-by-step:

  • Defining a detailed job description with the client
  • Global recruitment search and creation of a ‘potential candidates’ list
  • Meeting the client to discuss the preliminary candidate list and to decide upon any extra clarifications or modifications that may need to be made 
  • Organisation of interviews coordinated by the nominated recruitment consultant
  • Creation of a final shortlist of suitable candidates

A dedicated recruitment consultant will accompany you (in collaboration with a research assistant) throughout the entire recruitment process and guarantee regular client follow-up and guidance. We also complete and check all candidate references and, when your company has selected a candidate, we will ensure his/her full integration into the company.