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Based on 25 years extensive experience recruiting top creative talent and general management profiles. Our recruitment agency works together with companies in their long-term careers development strategy.

Founded and directed by Antoinette Lemens, she surrounds herself with experts who share the same values and enthusiasm for finding the best candidates in the design, luxury, fashion, brand management, communication and digital sectors. Thanks to their dynamic international approach and numerous language skills they are also able to find international top talent. 

Antoinette Lemens


Born in Holland and dual English and Norwegian nationality, I studied in Belgium, Spain and England. I began my career working for a design agency in London before joining the Concept Group here in Paris. For 4 years I was responsible for visual identity and brand communication for the international Kenzo account.

I then became managing director of the international group Novamark before creating my own recruitment agency Jobs in Creation, specialised in design and marketing jobs within the creative sector. In 2004 the recruitment agency became part of the worldwide Aquent recruitment group, where I was given the responsibility of International Accounts Director.

In 2009 I left the Aquent Group and set up a new recruitment agency in 2010, Antoinette Lemens Executive Search.

Throughout my career I have hired many different profiles for France and Europe’s top design agencies and international companies: Executive Design Director for Renault, Lighting Design Director for Philips Holland, Visual Identity and Communications Director for the group “La Poste” or an entire recruitment project for a new luxury goods company setting-up a new branch in the Middle-East.

I have also been actively involved with the French Design community for over 20 years in my role as General Secretary for the Design & Communication Association, which regroups over 25 of Paris’ top design agencies.

Spoken languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Italian and German. 

Grégory Marande

Senior consultant

After studying Communication and Political Science at IEP in Bordeaux, I began my career working within 2 government departments: the department of Culture and Communication and the Department of National Defence.

My taste for public life led me to join the group “La Poste” where I was in charge of corporate communications with elected officials in Paris, followed by a move to Brussels working in Public Affairs. In September 2010, I joined the recruitment agency Antoinette Lemens Executive Search in order to combine my communication skills, design sensibility and desire to continue managing corporate strategic development.

Since joining the company, I have hired candidates in a wide range of professional sectors such as the Automotive Industry (French and International profiles) and the Design sector (branding, retail and packaging). I have also worked on several transversal recruitment projects for design agencies: Project Managers, Account Directors, Strategic Planners, etc.
Naturally, thanks to my previous experience working within the communication field, I have also worked on recruitment in areas such as communication, marketing and digital.

Spoken languages: French, English and Spanish. 

Audrey Demolis

Head of luxury and fashion

With a genuine love of fashion and design combined with a dynamic people-person approach, working within the recruitment field seemed a logical and natural choice. After working in the USA for a year I continued my career in London working at a headhunting agency. Several years later I was then tasked with setting-up their new branch in Paris.

For over 10 years I have been specialised in the fashion industry and luxury sectors and have enjoyed working in close collaboration with many international brands and companies, hiring in areas such as Top management, Design, Merchandising and Retail.

I have also developed an extensive network of creative and marketing candidates who I have advised and been in contact with throughout their careers. Making sure that my clients are up-dated with the top talent in today’s competitive marketplace.

My work ethic? As the French writer and poet Antoine de Saint Exupery said “In this century, as in others, our highest accomplishments still have the single aim of bringing people together”.

Spoken languages: French and English. 

Agathe Loye


After working for several ready-to-wear fashion brands, I joined the Antoinette Lemens Executive Search recruitment agency in 2011, as I wanted to combine my previous professional experience with a drive and interest for the recruitment sector.

Thanks to my previous experience I had already gained knowledge of the retail and merchandising fields, and, with a natural eye for trends, was also able to perfect a global understanding of the fashion industry. Working in recruitment in this dynamic and evolutionary field has helped to strengthen this knowledge and given me the necessary skills to advice and communicate with clients in this specialised field.

I work for both French and international clients and have hired Shoe Designers, Merchandising Assistants and Graphic Designers specialised in Luxury goods. I have also worked on more production-focused recruitment projects, such as Product Managers and Retail Directors.

Spoken languages: French and English.

Pierre Sauzay


Gaining a Masters degree in International Affairs at a European Business School here in Paris, not only gave me a hard-working, open-minded approach but also developed strong communication skills and an understanding of the human resources and business sectors.

After working with different global recruitment companies and headhunting agencies, I recently joined Antoinette Lemens Executive Search. My first-hand knowledge of large corporate companies in the finance and industrial sectors has given me a better understanding of our branding and communication clients as well as a valuable insight as to what kind of profiles they are looking for.

I also value the recruitment agency’s international approach and have worked on several different projects both here in France and abroad. Hiring candidates as diverse as Agency General Manager in Dubai, Retail Interior Architect France, Head of Sales and New Business, or an International Account Director specialised in global branding and packaging.

Spoken languages: French, Spanish and English.

Ann Nisbet

Senior consultant

Being of English nationality and having a design background, I began working with Antoinette Lemens in 2000, where I was responsible for French and international design recruitment.

Over the past 10 years I have developed a comprehensive network of talented designers, specialised in a variety of different design sectors (interior architecture, packaging, visual identity, branding and product design), many of whom have now developed their career and become creative directors.

In recent years I have started to work with some of Paris’s top design schools to share my knowledge of the French and international design market, giving design students essential career advice (CV and portfolios) in order to prepare them for professional life in the highly competitive world of design.

I also add an international touch – helping students to improve their Design English, a skill that is becoming increasingly important because “design in the 21st century is no longer limited by geographical location”.

Spoken languages: English and French. 

Nadya Moqbel


Being myself a product of two cultures, with a dual Yemeni and Russian nationality, I pursued my studies between France, Canada and Yemen, and obtanied my Master’s degree in International Public Management from the Paris School of International Affairs at Sciences Po Paris.

Seeking to evolve in a multicultural, extremely fast- paced, dynamic, vibrant and target driven atmosphere, I headed towards a career in recruitment, and thus joined Antoinette Lemens Executive Search recruitment agency.

After an experience within several international frameworks, I joined the agency’s team to participate within its business to business sales role, and especially to contribute with my experience to projects on the international level. Being a part of the agency’s team allows me to use my best personal skills to communicate and deal with companies and professionals with different cultural backgrounds, who influence and change the society we live in.

As someone who considerably values human capital, I enjoy sourcing clients and talented individuals, on both French and international markets in design industry, for sometimes very unique vacancies and prize playing a role in developing our clients as a result of appointing our outstanding candidates into roles that make a difference.

Spoken languages : English, French, Arabic and Russian.

Ozzy Monaco


Born and raised in the US, Ozzy is graduated in political sciences from Seattle University. In 2000’s, he decides to move to France and works as HR and recruitment consultant in luxury. Ozzy has extensive experience in training as he began his career in the Luxury sector in 2005 right after graduating from HEC, where he specialised in management and coaching. Ozzy pays special attention to personal development, team leadership and multicultural communication. When it comes to training, his main objectif is to develop the leadership of individuals and strengthen the ‘’team’’ concept within groups.

He is also professor at the International University of Monaco, for several years now; teaching students to improve and develop their skills in presenting their results on a variety of topics. Ozzy works with his students individually, starting with a theoretical approach followed by individual interviews.

Ozzy possesses a proven ability to provide high quality education and performance coaching by motivating and directing individuals.  Also able to focus on business and cultural protocols to guide, orient and improve management and staff performance.  Communicates effectively with a diverse range of people at all levels of business using excellent interpersonal and presentation skills.

Ozzy trained and conducted individual interviews for staff members for companies and brands such as Air France, Audi, Boucheron, Breitling, Cartier and Louis Vuitton. He also trained individuals at the University of Monaco and the ISD in Pune, India.

Spoken languages : English, French.